The learners will be skilled at developing social skills, analyzing the state of the common good in the country, evaluating systems and practices in the society which promotes the principles of subsidiarity and solidarity; exploring how the church can help in their character formation, and critiquing the influences of media on people; asserting their rights in the same way that they also recognize and respect others’ rights; identifying violation of rules and laws in school, local community and the country.
Voyager 10 is an English worktext for Grade 10. It aims to develop the major competencies in reading and literature, listening and oral fluency, language and communication skills, grammar and writing.
Ang PAROLA ay sumisimbolo sa layunin ng seryeng gumabay sa mga mag-aaral na mapalago ang kanilang kaalaman at kasanayan sa mga makrong kasanayan at iba pang aspekto ng pakikipagtalastasan sa wikang Filipino. Sinususugan din ng seryeng ito ang mga hangarin ng Kagawaran ng Edukasyon na matugunan ang mga pangangailangan ng mga guro at mga mag-aaral sa kagamitang gagabay upang ang mga layunin sa kurikulum ng K to 12 ay lubos na maisakatuparan.
Maingat na inilatag sa seryeng ito ang mga kasanayang kinakailangan ng mga mag-aaral upang lubos na masuri at maunawaan ang panitikan. May pag-uugnay ding ginawa sa iba pang akda upang higit na mapalawak ang pag-unawa ng mga mag-aaral sa kaalamang tinatalakay. Ginawang kawili-wili ngunit makabuluhan ang mga gawaing nakapaloob dito. At ang mga estratehiyang inilapat dito ay magkakaugnay at naapanahon tungo sa mabisang pakikipag-ugnayan, mapapasalita man o pasulat na gumagamit ng mga kaalamang panretorika at panggramatika.
Music, Arts, Physical Education, and Health are learning areas that provide for self-expression. Learners are encouraged to express their ideas, show their talents and skills freely and expressively, through the different activities given to them.
This book will cater to the needs, interests, and aspirations of the students for them to become musically, artistically, and physically inclined and to have a healthy life.
Math Connections Grades 7 – 10 Series and Senior High School Series is their attempt to help Filipino learners meet the challenges of globalization. It seeks to help level up the mathematical skills of the students with the end view of equipping the learners to be productive citizens upon graduating from junior and, senior high school.
The series is enriched by the practices in the subject area in the Ateneo de Manila High School. Reflection, action, and evaluation are at the heart of their practices. They incorporated a balance between the basics, the higher – order thinking skills, applications, and possibilities for the use of technology.
This worktext covers essential fields of study in science, including the acquisition of knowledge through scientific investigations and fundamental concepts in Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and Earth and Space Sciences. Following an inquiry-based approach, the worktext presupposes the greater understanding of concepts among readers as it engages them to ask questions, read through the text, and construct new knowledge.
The students will be skilled at exploring the concept of contemporary issues and analyzing the importance of being aware of the contemporary issues in the society and the world: identify the environmental problems; write a covenant on how to help protect the environment; create ideas that will address unemployment; assess the leading institutions that play an important part in globalization; evaluate the challenges faced in attaining sustainable development; evaluate effects of migration to the society, politics, and livelihood; review the effects of territorial and border conflicts in the society, politics, economy, and the citizen’s peace; assess the cause and effect of political dynasties in maintaining a clean and stable government.
Skills for a Lifetime in TLE is treated as a specialization course and is written accordingly. It is written to stimulate a higher level of thinking and encourage them to be more inquisitive as they unveil the world of Technology and Livelihood Education. This book is aimed to equip the learners with competencies towards the national certificate for the future career or entrepreneurial activities for their life's sustainability.