The learners will be skilled at developing social skills, analyzing the state of the common good in the country, evaluating systems and practices in the society which promotes the principles of subsidiarity and solidarity; exploring how the church can help in their character formation, and critiquing the influences of media on people; asserting their rights in the same way that they also recognize and respect others’ rights; identifying violation of rules and laws in school, local community and the country, and finding and enumerating ways of practicing justice; explaining and recognizing the value and dignity of work, identifying the qualities of a person who is industrious, persevering and competent; creating their own timetable for their activities, and managing their finances, and; matching their talents, skills, and interests with the appropriate track; composing their personal mission statement; and analyzing trends in local and global demands for work.
Voyager 9 is an English worktext for Grade 9 students designed to highlight the relevance of language and literature to life. It aims to develop critical thinking skills through activities and exercises in listening, speaking, grammar, writing and viewing. These activities also aim to develop both technical language skills and social communication within the learner's environment and around their personal experiences. The reading and literature components of the book signify the platform for tackling issues about people and society.
Ang PAROLA ay sumasagisag sa layunin ng seryeng makatulong sa mga mag-aaral na mapalawak ang kanilang kaalaman at kasanayan sa pakikinig, pagsasalita, pagbabasang may pag-unawa, pagsulat at iba pang aspekto ng pakikipagtalastasan sa wikang Filipino. Sinasalamin din ng seryeng ito ang mga mithiin ng Kawanihan ng Edukasyong Sekundarya ng Kagawaran ng Edukasyon na matugunan ang mga pangangailangan ng mga guro at mga mag-aaral sa kagamitang gagabay sa pagsasakatuparan ng mga layunin sa Bagong Kurikulum – ang K to 12.
Matutunghayan sa bawat aralin ang mga kaalamang pampanitikan at paglalapat nito sa mga piling akda sa tulong ng mapanuring pagtalakay sa nilalaman nito. Ginawang komunikatibo, kolaboratibo, at interaktibo ang mga gawain upang lalong mapayaman ang kanilang kasanayan hindi lamang sa pakikipagtalastasan kundi maging sa pakikisalamuha at pakikipagtulungan sa mga gawain.
Music, Arts, Physical Education, and Health are learning areas that provide for self-expression. Learners are encouraged to express their ideas, show their talents and skills freely and expressively, through the different activities given to them.
The Honing Your Skills through MAPEH allows learners to understand and discover meaningful relevant concepts, principles, and values necessary for healthy living.
Math Connections in Digital Age is a series which attempt to help Filipino learners meet the challenges of globalization. It seeks to help level up the mathematical skills of the students with the end view of equipping the learners to be productive citizens upon graduating from Junior and Senior High School. Reflection, action, and evaluation are at the heart of their practices. They incorporated a balance between the basics, the higher—order thinking skills, applications and possibilities for the use of technology.
This worktext covers essential fields of study in science, including the acquisition of knowledge through scientific investigations and fundamental concepts in Chemistry, Biology, Physics, and Earth and Space Sciences. Following an inquiry-based approach, the worktext presupposes the greater understanding of concepts among readers as it engages them to ask questions, read through the text, and construct new knowledge.
This worktext ensures the attainment of three forms of learning; namely 1. Acquisition of learning, making meaning, and transfer of prior learning to new challenges.
This is also curriculum aligned to the seamless K to 12 Curriculum with standards-based assessments.
The outstanding features include;
• The interactive learning process that taps students’ prior knowledge and experiences regarding current issues and problems that are encountered by them in their community, society, and environment
Skills for a Lifetime in TLE 9 is treated as a specialization course and is written accordingly. The books have two parts - Cookery and Household services. The topics presented in each lesson are sequentially arranged in such a way that the learners will grasp the knowledge and skills necessary as they study the subject. It is equipped with illustrated examples and activities to perform by the students that stimulate a higher level of thinking, encouraging learners to be more inquisitive as they unveil the world of TLE. This book is aimed to equip the learners with competencies towards the national certificate for the future career or entrepreneurial activities for their life's sustainability.