Math World is a part of an elementary math textbook series that focuses on the core content areas in the Philippine K-12 Curriculum. This book progressively guides the students in mastering the fundamental mathematical tools that develop logical thinking, leading to greater success in higher level math.
Throughout this book, Essential Questions that stimulate students’ critical thinking are posted at the start of each chapter. Problem-based situations that reinforce the learning process, and actual facts and statistical data are presented to help students appreciate the importance of math in their every day lives.
The SCIENCE Quest Series is based on the science curriculum framework in Singapore and it meets the standards and competencies prescribed in the K to 12 Science Curriculum by the DepEd. The book series is designed to help pupils acquire scientific knowledge and understanding, and develop skills, values, and attitudes through inquiry-based learning. The series makes science learning meaningful with the use of colorful and engaging visuals as well as age-appropriate language.
PHILIPPINES: Our Land and Heritage is a Social Studies worktext series written to help our children become productive, committed, and patriotic citizens who will serve their country, fellowmen, and God. Emphasized in the series are the three dimensions of Filipinism- national unity, national identity, and national loyalty.